Community Outreach

TSF is focused on providing programmes which meet the greatest community needs and aim to increase self-confidence and learning of primary aged children. In partnership with over 50 local organisations and schools, and benefiting over 4,000 children, TSF gives children access to fun, inspiring and educational activities which build self-esteem and engender a love of learning.

Programmes we fund address the needs in our communities:

  • Many of our participating children have no access to out of school or outdoor activities
  • Most of our participating children have little exposure to music, dance, drama or art
  • The overwhelming majority of school children we work with speak English as a second language
  • Literacy in London is at an all time low
  • Over 45% of the school children in our programmes have two free school meals a day – breakfast and lunch.

We are always delighted to discuss new initiatives or grant giving opportunities for programmes. Please contact us if you are a school or community centre, or a provider of children’s programmes in the fields of art, music, performing arts, sport or learning support. Funding for projects ranges from £250 to £5,000.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please download the Apply for Funding form, which contains notes on the information TSF requires.

If you have received funding and have completed a project, please download the Evaluation form. Your evaluation will help TSF assess the effectiveness of the project for future funding.

TSF provides a wide range of educational activities specifically for primary-aged children. Click on the categories below to take a closer look at the projects we endorse.

Some schools and organisations that have benefitted from TSF funding